Facial redness relief Acne Redness Vitamin K serum & Acne Facial Oxygen Mask bundle

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What's all the hype about?

Our skincare superstars work even better together!

Get both our Oxygen Rescue mask "acne oxygen facial in a bottle" and our Vitamin K serum for facial redness relief, and start seeing results FAST!

PLUS! Save $20 when you bundle

We guarantee it's the best investment you make in your skin - Love it or get a full refund with our satisfaction guarantee!


How long does these products last?

 Shelf life is 3 years. Usage time is 60-90 days for replenish 

How often should I use my oxygen facial?

We recommend weekly acne oxygen facials to ensure you clearer & more vibrant skin faster. There is over 30 facials per bottle

How often should I apply my vitamin K creme? 

& for rapid facial redness relief, our Vitamin K serum with twice daily recommended use will last 2-3 months per bottle. Apply Vitamin K on affected red areas and apply moisturizer on top. 

Customer Reviews

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Midori (Pueblo, US)

I really like the oxygen mask and vitamin K serum. It’s quick and easy to use during my nighttime routine. I can see and feel a difference in my skin the next morning. The only gripe is I’m not crazy about the artificial coloring in the serum.

Thank you so much for sharing your results. We are always open to make changes with our products and will definitely be considering that change in our formula. Thanks again.

Tony Christian (St Louis, US)
Update Review

Both product really has changed my daughters skin. I can see the differences in the hormonal acne that she has on her chin and forehead...I'm so glad I seen this on IG. I have wasted so much money on different products. Thanks

Tony Christian (Arlington, US)
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Andrea (Arcadia, US)
Oxgen Vitamin K cream and Oxygen Recue

Cleared my acne and maskne. Love it it smooth and doesn't irritate my skin like so many other products. Wish I had see this before wasting hundred on products. Second time ordering .

Facial redness relief Acne Redness Vitamin K serum & Acne Facial Oxygen Mask bundle

What's all the hype about? A professional acne facial in the bottle, the Oxygen Rescue facial reduces acne & the signs of aging. Oxygen facials gets rid of bacteria that causes acne and toxins that causes aging without compromising the hydration in the skin. Results gets BETTER & better with...
Over 53% facial redness reduction after just one bottle.  Our Vitamin K serum will eliminate and help avoid facial redness, sensitivity, dryness & skin discomfort caused by:  Acne skincare ingredients  Acne medications; Accutane, Tretnoin, Retinols Rosacea Also, this product will prevent acne scars when using during acne breakout cycles. This...
Now in stock! This is the same as the sample many of you have received with your recent purchase.  The Renewal Smoothing AHA exfoliating cleanser smoothes, renews, brightens and lightens the skin. Perfect for acne & anti-aging concerns. Leaves the skin silky soft & smooth Brightens the skin Fades darks...