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ultra Vitamin K Serum for Facial Redness SkinHavenRX

Do You Have Facial Redness or Scarring from Acne?

Combat it with our Vitamin K serum. This gentle yet effective serum reduces facial redness, calms eczema flare-ups, and smooths your skin's texture.
Our clients love it. Why? Because it works

Vitamin K has been my MIRACLE!

I ordered my first bottle of Vitamin K serum after a friend sent me a post on Instagram. I was skeptical because I have very challenging skin, but was convinced to give it a try because of all of the rave reviews...I'm SOOOO glad I tried it!! Just 2 weeks in my skin already look way less red and my scaring was almost gone! It's actually scary how effective this stuff is!I can't believe it took me so long to find this product - WHAT A GAME CHANGER!


I struggled FOR YEARS with acne and the dry skin and scarring that came from all of the different acne medications that I have tried. When I found Skin Haven I couldn't believe that it would make an actual change, I had really given up hope that I would ever find a solution. My skin was the worst combination for oil, dry, scaley, and red.

I started by using the vitamin K serum but since it was doing so well I added in the oxygen facial and that's when the magic started to happen! I cannot recommend this product highly enough!

The best kept secret...

I don't know how more people are not aware of this product! Vitamin K serum has replaced like 20 other skincare products for me - It's such a little bottle but it lasts me so long!

I started using it a couple of months ago and within the first week, I noticed a difference. After the full bottle, which lasted me over a month, my skin was COMPLETELY transformed! You need to get this product! (and one for everyone you know - it's that good!)

Activate your clear skin!

Oxygen is the #1 most vital action needed in skincare that will guarantee lifelong healthy, vibrant & youthful skin.

Instant glowy & hydrated skin

Bring out your skin's natural glow with the bacteria-fighting power of oxygen.

Increase the performance of your other skincare

We're not saying toss it all - just that we can make it all work better for you!

Immediate brightening, lifting and smoothing

We don't make any empty promises. Start seeing results after just a few uses!

Improve skin texturewith each use

Keep your skin looking ravishing and radiant at every age.


Still not sure? See what else our clients had to say!

"I’m on my 2nd vitamin k bottle which I’m using much slower than the 1st time. My redness has subsided a lot! Going to see how it keeps working. So far, I don’t want to live without it since it’s been the only thing that’s worked and works so fast without making my skin irritated."

Diane D.

"My skin is now addicted to this facial. It's literally a real facial and I'm obsessed with the bubbles or foam. There's a lot in this bottle so I'm gonna get a lot of facials outta this."

Lindsey I.

"My redness went away very fast & my skin overall looks better. THANK YOU!"

Caitlyn D.

"I found this on Instagram & decided to try it. A little goes a long way with the oxygen facial. I love the smell & how my skin feels so clean."

Taylor B