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Super Impressed!!

My wife worked as a cosmetologist for about 10 years and has always used Clinique--but after trying this Oxygen Rescue she is SOLD! Such an amazing product. Thank you so much Skin Haven RX!!

It shockingly works.

I got this vitamin k to see if it would help calm down my breakouts especially the ones that are cystic. I always get them really badly during my monthly so I know the painful inflamed acne is hormonal. This seemed to work immediately. The bumps weren’t as painful almost immediately. Then the redness was gone in just a couple of days. Usually I am left with scars after I treat the acne, but I’m seeing that my old scars are starting to disappear. I am glad I found this vitamin k.

WHo knew

I been using brushes and saw this on instagram saying to stop using brushes on acne. I got this and it really has helped my skin a lot. To see the pimples release and se my blackheads slide out is what I've been needing. This is seriously so good. I feel like i had a real facial and I have been using it almost everyday. The only thing is the water needs to be filled up after 1 or 2 times which is a pain but other than that, I am glad I got this.

Got as a Free Gift

The sample they sent lasted me over a month! Best gift I've gotten from a company. I used the cleanser before the acne facial mask and my skin looked so smooth and less oily. I only use the cleanser a couple times a week although it is soft enough to use more reguarly. It smells so good like oranges and grapefruit. I can feel the tingling since it has a aha but its not too strong for my skin. I really like it and bought 3 more as soon as the full size came in.

Best thing ever for my skin!

This tool is easy to use and I love the way it really cleans my skin without leaving it feeling beat up. My mom got this so I can stop picking my pimples, now I just use this when I wanna pick. Satisfying to see stuff come out.

Makes all the difference!

I am loving this facial. I use it a lot, probally too much. I have struggled with acne for years and have tried everything. But Im glad to know that you really can use too much acne products which is what made my skin so bad. This facial is gentle and its really been clearing up my face. Even my little wrinkles are gone. A little does go a long way.

I love this device!

I was scared to buy this but so glad I did. My light stopped working too but after I cleaned it with alcohol like they told me when I emailed them, its back working perfectly. It definitely pushes all of the stuff out of my pores and helps to reduce the size of my pimples. My skin looks better and better. I mostly like the misting sprayer. Feels like it really washes my pores out good.

Fast shipping! Love this product!

I’ve ordered 3 times and my order came very fast! Obviously I love this product because I keep ordering more. My skin is so much brighter and it has definitely helped my acne. You won’t be disappointed!

Fast shipping! Love this product!

I’ve ordered 3 times and my order came very fast! Obviously I love this product because I keep ordering more. My skin is so much brighter and it has definitely helped my acne. You won’t be disappointed!

Worth it!

I have seen my skin look better than its looked in a long time. I breakout less and my face just looks cleaner and less greasy. A little does go a long way. But im stocking up because i hate when good stuff disappears.

I really like the oxygen mask and vitamin K serum. It’s quick and easy to use during my nighttime routine. I can see and feel a difference in my skin the next morning. The only gripe is I’m not crazy about the artificial coloring in the serum.

Thank you so much for sharing your results. We are always open to make changes with our products and will definitely be considering that change in our formula. Thanks again.

Silk smooth

I like the moisture it is like silk skin. So soft smooth and fresh pure. I like the sent and size nice products. I will use share and recommend.

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Simply smooth

I love the way it makes my skin feel

Easy process

I use this because its easy to apply with great results

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Good stuff


Good stuff

great product

This product is very good for the skin and helps get rid of facial redness. This product has vitamin k in it so it is very healthy. I definitely recommend this product for people who get facial redness and want to get rid of it.

great product

This product is very good. It makes your face feel nice and soft when you use it. I use this product every morning. This product definitely gets an A+. Definitely recommended.

My New Fav!!!

Loving this product!!!

Great Product!!

Amazing Product‼️

Great skincare

I like the products and scents. Good size and value. My skin feels clean soft and refreshed after use. I will buy share and recommend.

Nice product!

It works on my oily skin and does not have an intense smell.

Must have creme

Does wonders on your skin and your skin looks so fresh

Amazing mask

It’s really very good mask keeps your skin feel so soft and hydrated

Vitamin K Serum works great

This product worked well on my skin. I noticed the redness in my skin gone after a month of using this product. This product was easy to apply and had a cooling effect on my skin. My under eye bags are less noticeable too. Really like this product