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Protect your skin cells on a cellular level. This  means that you can avoid many skin issues that arise with environmental exposure as well as with your health.

As we now know, many of the skincare & cosmetics on the market contain many toxic ingredients and the risks will cause longterm issues for many. 

But did you know that there's a skincare formula that will protect your skin from developing many of the side effects from using toxic skincare & beauty products? Yes! It's called Oxygen... 

Oxygen skin treatments are mostly offered in spas only, but we think it is imperative to offer oxygen for home use and offer it at the professional grade. 

In our acne & skin revision clinic, we began to consistently incorporate oxygen into all of our clients/patients at home care and the RESULTS were astounding! Not only did we clear their acne at a much faster rate than we had done previously when we used the same ole industry protocol that 90% of us "pros" have used for ages, but our clients/patients no longer needed to come to our clinic as frequently because they were achieving lasting clear, more youthful & healthy skin.

Bacteria cannot thrive in a well oxygenated environment. Acne is a bacteria & while your acne skincare will help to dry everything up, it won't create an environment to keep the bacteria from returning. 

Oxygen also rids the skin of toxins. This is hugely important because we apply many toxins to our skin daily without knowing how harmful the compilation of those toxins really are to our skin & health. 

Our Oxygen Rescue is a professional grade only formula with 100% non-toxic ingredients. 

Instantly notice brighter, lighter (depuffed), hydrated & balanced skin.

Our Oxygen Rescue will help rid the skin & pores of skin congestion (whiteheads & blackheads)