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vitamin K

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See the results for yourself...

Tired of buying expensive skincare and NOT getting
lasting results?

We guarantee results with our Vitamin K creme because it has been proven to reduce facial redness by over 33% after just 1 bottle!

We understand how frustrating acne, rosacea, redness, and scarring can be and we want you to love your skin.

Dermatologist formulated, and esthetician guaranteed, you won't find anything like this anywhere else!


Find out what our customer have to say...

Vitamin K is a lifesaver!
This product has saved my skin. It feels soothing and luxurious and light when it goes on, and it truly smooths your texture and reduces redness. It’s a mini-facial I give myself every day! This will be my go-to product for life.

Erin M.

Verified Customer

It's gentle and it works!
I got this for my severe cystic acne to help with the redness, but to my surprise it also made the cysts get much smaller in just days and made my skin less painful. Everyone asks me if I'm on a serious acne regimen again but nope, I just added this vitamin k and the oxygen mask to my routine and I'm so happy I did. Who knew!

Jessica L.

Verified Customer

I’m on my 2nd vitamin k bottle which I’m using much slower than the 1st time. My redness has subsided a lot! Going to see how it keeps working. So far, I don’t want to live without it since it’s been the only thing that’s worked and works so fast without making my skin irritated.

Diane D.

Verified Customer

Smoothing & Acne Scar Healing
My face used to be covered in reddish scars from years of hormonal acne. I use this Vitamin K Serum to both soothe and control the current redness and to heal the years of built-up scarring. I'm very happy with the results and with how easily the serum works well with the rest of my acne-prone skin-care routine! What a relief to have found something so effective!

Joyce L.

Verified Customer


Ideal for all skin types

  • Reduces redness and inflammation

  • Heals scarring and skin irritations

  • Smooths skin and reduces fine lines

  • Eliminates Accutane severe dryness & redness

  • Eliminates acne skincare side effects


"What a MIRACLE!"

I ordered my first bottle of Vitamin K serum after a friend sent me a post on Instagram.

I was skeptical because I have very challenging skin, but was convinced to give it a try because of all of the rave reviews... I'm SOOOO glad I tried it!!

Just 2 weeks in my skin already looks way less red and my scaring was almost gone! It's actually scary how effective this stuff is!

I can't believe it took me so long to find this product - WHAT A GAME CHANGER!


Alex T.



Why Vitamin K?


Our specially formulated Vitamin K heals acne & acne redness rapidly. Customers also see a reduction in acne scarring as well as it will help to prevent acne scars. Rosacea sufferers notice a major decrease in their redness within days.


Vitamin K helps protect collagen in the body. When healthy collagen production is maintained, your skin appears more, plump, smooth and youthful. This means that your skin will be able to maintain its elasticity - preventing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.


Vitamin K is essential to prevent blood clotting, which helps the skin heal wounds, bruises, and inflammation rapidly without harsh irritating side effects. Vitamin K is most used in post surgical procedures to rapidly heal the skin.


Not only does this Vitamin K do its job in reducing facial redness, but it also helps with under-eye puffiness and dark circles because it aids in the healing & adding water to your blood vessels to help water flow which reduces under eye darkness and puffiness.
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How it works


Step one

Cleanse your skin with your favorite facial cleanser


Step two

Apply our Vitamin K after applying your other treatment serums. You may also apply the Vitamin K where needed instead of all over.


Step three

Seal it in with your moisturizer & SPF

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