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SOLD OUT 4x's 

We have sold our healing skincare all over the world and our customers keep coming back for more! We are the creators of the first ever at home Oxygen Facial in a bottle.
4.9 Rating/ over 10k sold

Feedback from our customers

“I found this brand on Instagram and gave it a try for my redness from rosacea. I was hugely impressed. It's been a year and I continue to be free of embarrassing facial redness with their vitamin k & oxygen facials.”
Amy Liu
Los Angeles, Ca
“I can't say enough good things about these products! I struggle with hormonal acne but everything my derms have me on has been super harsh on my skin. I decided to try these products along with my acne medicines and it completely resolved the irritation, dryness, and redness. I also haven't been breaking out as often. I love the oxygen facial!”
Leslie T
Austin, TX


Are your products for ethnic african skin?

Yes. Our products are for all skins including sensitive skin and all ethnicities. We have tested our products on over 300 clients of all backgrounds, skin types and conditions for over 7 years prior to launching online in 2021. Our formulas are focused on healing ingredients in which all skins that struggle with acne, sensitivity, redness and oiliness are in need of. 

Does your products contain pore clogging or unnatural ingredients?

Our goal was to formulate our products to be free of hormonal interrupting ingredients such as fragrances, plastics, high levels of dyes, common irritants, and unnecessary amounts of preservatives. All of our products are formulated with science & nature which delivers the BEST performance and allow the skin to get consistent & progressive results for years to come. Our products are not 100% organic, but are 100% safely formulated. We may also provide all of our manufacturing certifications upon request.

How does oxygen help with acne?

When oxygen is presesnt, the acne bacteria cannot multiply or survive for long on the skin. The Oxygen Rescue facial masks also super hydrates and adds vitamins & peptides into the skin. This drastically reduces excessive oil production, eliminates toxins that causes premature signs of aging & skin discoloration, and balances the water levels in the skin. 
Water & oxygen are a necessity to having acne free and youthful skin. 
97% of acne regimens exclude hydration and focus only only drying our and burning away acne, but this results in worsened acne and the overall health of the skin itself.

Will these products get rid of my hyperpigmentation?

Our customers notice visible improvement of all skin discolorations when they begin to use our healing and super hydrating products. Our Renewal Smoothing exfoliating cleanser has been shown to lighten hyperpigmentation quickly and smooths the skin texture with gentle AHA & jojoba beads. The Oxygen Rescue facial mask brightens the skin leaving it healtheir, more vibrant and even toned.

Who created these products?

Regina Honey Hilton is a licensed esthetician and owner/operator of a successful acne clinic in Saint Louis, Missouri. In 2014, she partnered with a dermatologist & chemist to bring more healing but still effective acne skincare to the market. After creating the products with great response and results documented from her in clinic clients over the last 7 years, she launched the on;line store,Skin Haven RX to share the products that her clients loved and swear by. 
Products are made in small batches to protect the quality & performance. The demand for the products have grown which have led to a few sold out moments. 
We are happy to have a 4.9 rating on the products with very very few return requests. 

The Ultimate Clear Skin Collection

Ultimate Clear Skin Kit- Banish Acne + Defy Aging - SkinHavenRX

Ultimate Clear Skin Kit

Value $253.00
Discount 11%
Price $225.00
Includes all of our products:
- Oxygen Rescue facial mask
- Vitamin K for acne & redness serum.
- Renewal Smoothing AHA exfoliating cleanser
- The Ultimate Skin Scrubber device 
Limited only
6 days, 24:00:00

Best Seller Oxygen Rescue facial 

I see real results!

"I saw my skin improve almost immediately. I looked healthier and brighter and my skin has been less oily. I have also noticed that I haven't been breaking out as much as I normally would. I've seen others say the same thing in their review, and I can attest the same! I will be using this product forever."
Lisa Gold
Washington, DC

I love it!

" I love the oxygen facial. I look younger and more awake. My makeup goes on better and I get compliments on my new glowing skin often. A little goes a long way. Give it a try! You won't be disappointed.
Rachel M
Chicago, IL

Works for acne

" I got the oxygen facial for my stubborn acne. My skin looks and feels smoother. I still have to use my acne skincare, but this has really helped my acne get under control and I feel more confident and wear less makeup. I think I will stick to using this product for sure."
Erica Mays
Kansas City, Mo

Our products + other acne skincare

just add our oxygen, vitamin k & renewal cleanser to your acne regimens to get better results, faster. Customers see lasting clear & more youthful skin by simply adding our products to their current skincare regimens.

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Customer + Our products + Results

inflamed cheeks

Customer: female, 25
Patient at our acne clinic. 
2 months results shown
Regimen & treatment included 2 acne chemical peels with homecare products of Vitamin K, oxygen rescue facial, renewal smoothing cleanser, & healing moisturizer (sold in our clinic)
Images: Copyright to @luxehaven 

on Accutane

Customer; female, 23
Added vitamin k & oxygen rescue facial mask to her Accutane regimen. Began on our products after being on Accutane for 6 weeks and developing the Accutane side effects. 
Images: Copyrights to @luxehaven

Hormonal acne +
facial redness

Customer; male, 29
Diet changes caused hromonal interruption. Added vitamin k, oxygen facial mask and in clinic acne chemical peels for 6 months. 
Images: Copyright @luxehaven
Before & Afters

real customer results

"I started to add oxygen & vitamin k to all of my acne clients at- home regimens and discovered an amazing BREAKTHROUGH! They were getting clearer skin much faster, no longer needing to come for monthly acne treatments at the clinic, because they finally had lasting results. I am amazed by my clients & customers results all of the time. I hope I can help others achieve the healthy & clear skin that they deserve."
Founder of Skin Haven RX - Regina Honey Hilton, LE