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How The Oxygen Facial Helps With Acne

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The Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask is a revolutionary product that provides powerful results for acne sufferers. Formulated with no peroxide or harsh ingredients, this mask works to decrease inflammation and remove bacteria from the skin- leaving the perfect balance of hydration and anti-aging peptides for a youthful, fresh complexion in seconds.

Unlike many over-the-counter masks, which contain harsh ingredients that can dry out skin or cause irritation, Oxygen Rescue contains only the finest clarifying and hydrating ingredients to reduce breakouts and help prevent frequent acne flareups. This powerful facial also works wonders on hormonal acne while calming cystic acne symptoms with its all-natural elements.

The added bonus of the Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask is that it reduces facial puffiness and evens skin tone, creating a brighter and more positive complexion instantly! People have been amazed at its improvement of stubborn acne lesions while still feeling soft to the touch. With its effervescent bubbles providing deep cleansing and detoxification of pores as well as its long lasting results, this mask embodies an effective beauty regimen perfect for use year round.

Hydrate & Rejuvenate Your Skin Fast. Reduce puffiness & look younger with oxygen facials

Don’t take our word for it – customers rave about Oxygen Rescue after experiencing clearer skin faster with lasting success! Take your daily skincare routine to new heights by adding an Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask today!

Get brighter and healthier skin with at home oxygen facials. Try the Oxygen Rescue facial mask