Vitamin K Customer ResultsVitamin K for redness and acne. Skin Haven RXThe Vitamin K for acne serum by Skin Haven RX. Before & after results.

Our high-quality Vitamin K has been expertly formulated to bind water and oxygen to the skin for faster, longer-lasting healing which eradicates facial redness more rapidly than the expensive medications out there.  Get ready for your glow up!

Skin Haven RX Reviews

Many people never give acne a second thought. However, if you happen to be one of the millions of people that suffer from chronic acne and the skin problems associated with it, chances are you think about it every day.

Whether you’re in your teens or older, and whether you have acne on your face or somewhere else, it’s likely to be top of your list of beauty and health concerns.

We’ve all read the research. You’ve probably seen many claims and promises from an endless list of product manufacturers. Some might have worked, some a little better than others. However, others might simply have been an expensive lesson that’s currently taking up shelf space in your bathroom.


Vitamin K is a powerful yet skin-friendly hormonal acne skincare treatment that expedites the repair process of damaged skin. Vitamin K’s proven benefits include facial redness elimination, treatment of sensitivity, dryness & skin discomfort caused by acne medications, and quick control of Rosacea flareups.

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Get rid of facial redness with Vitamin K Skin Haven RX

Skin Haven RX Vitamin K customer reviews

Vitamin K for acne, redness, and rosacea works as a potent antioxidant preventing the harmful effects of free radicals. It is involved in tissue renewal and cell growth control which helps maintain a softer, glowing, and more young-looking complexion.

Due to its anti-aging benefits, vitamin K also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin K, are proven to soothe inflammation caused by psoriasis and eczema.

Key benefits:

The high-performing combination of Vitamin K,  Lecithin and Glycerin can:

  • Expedite wound healing
  • Soothe inflammation, sensitivity, and discomfort of the skin
  • Reduce acne inflammation within minutes
  • Soothe acne scars and prevent new ones
  • Help to avoid side effects from acne medications ( Accutane, Tretinoin, Retinols, etc)
  • Retain moisture and increase hydration
  • Protect against oxidation
  • Reduce signs of skin aging

Get rid of acne with vitamin kskin haven rx

Sure, Vitamin K can do all the hard work on its own, however, true skincare-savvy folks know that a combination of multiple effective formulas can deliver quicker and more permanent results. Oxygen helps stimulate collagen production which results in a more plump and firm look. When your skin doesn't have enough oxygen due to clogged pores, aging, or even environmental pollution, it's clearly visible in your complexion. Now, imagine the results if you combine the glow-boosting benefits of the Oxygen Rescue mask with our skin-enhancing Vitamin K cream.

Oxygen Rescue mask vitamin K Skin Haven RX

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