The Ultimate Skin


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Ditch the facial brushes!

Removes Blackheads

safely & effectively

Power Washes your Pores

squeaky clean without scarring 

Brightens, Hydrates, & Smooths

blue LED + Hydrting misting sprayer

Deep Pore Cleansing Ultimate Skin Scrubber

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Deep cleanse the skin & pores
Exfoliate & smooth the skin & texture 
Kill bacteria and heal acne faster with blue LED light therapy
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Deep Pore Cleansing Ultimate Skin Scrubber

#1 Skin Cleansing Technology

Gold spatula for easy cleaning

Misting sprayer

Blue LED kills bacteria

Sleek design + charging base

Infusion for serums

Deep cleansing vibration

Exfoliate & Smooth your skin

The gold spatula on the Ultimate Skin Scrubber lifts off dead skin cells easily, to reveal a fresher and smoother skin texture. Use the CLEAN setting with the light vibration for a squeaky clean result. 

Kill Acne Bacteria

Perfectly equipped with a professional grade Blue LED light therapy. Blue LED light kills skin bacteria including the p.acne bacteria. Ensure that with each use you are healing and reducing breakouts and active acne to achieve clearer skin faster.

Removes Blackheads with ease

On the ULTRA setting with the misting sprayer, blackheads slip out of the pores with ease. No pain and no scarring. & the Blue LED light helps to heal the pores from extractions and kill the bacteria from the blackheads.

~The Ultimate Skin Scrubber is waterproof but we don't recommend submerging the device in water as it will cause the device to not work properly.
~Do not add thick liquids into the sprayer or it will cause to device to malfunction.
~ Add device to bag of rice if any water gets into it & prevents it from working. This usuallly brings it back to life within 24 hours

Get your Ultimate Skin Scrubber

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Key Features 

Cleansing Spatula
Misting Sprayer
Wirelss Charging 

Our Guarantee & 1 year Warranty

We will gladly replace any malfunctioning device within 1 year of use. 
Please refer to our TIPS that will keep your device in good working condition.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use this device?

This device is safe & effective enough to use daily. Unlike facial brushes that causes irritation & inflammation on acne skins, our Ultimate Skin Scrubber is perfect & safe for daily use on acne skins.

What does it solve?

The Ultimate Skin Scrubber gives the skin a deep cleansing that will make the skin look fresher, brighter and healthier. The settings works for all skins and acne & anti-aging concerns. Kills bacteria. Easy to clean. The gold spatula prevents bacteria from reproducing. Infuse serums & moisturizers for a deeper penetration into the skin. Hydrate the skin with the built in misting sprayer which makes the skin nice & plumped and glowy. Flatten acne lesions and remove congestion and blackheads.

How often do I need to charge the device?

The charging base will keep the device charged for 8-10 uses after a full 3 hour charge.

Do you have videos of how to use?

Yes. Follow us @skinhavenrx on Instagram or Skin Haven RX on Facebook and view our how to use videos.

$98 for a limited time

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Get your Ultimate Skin Scrubber

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