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One of Its Kind At Home Facial

Get Clearer Skin 5x's Faster with Lasting Results

The Best Kept Secret

to flawless skin
Rapidly heal breakouts 
while also delivering powerful
anti-aging nutrients
into the skin in Just 5 Minutes

Imagine...Getting Rid of Acne & Wrinkles at The Same Time in Just 1 Step!

Who has time for a 10 Step Korean acne & anti-aging routine? Is 10 Steps Really Better than 1 Step? The answer is Simple! NO! Keep it Simple! 

Too many skincare products is usually the culprit to why you're being hit with MORE skin problems, more acne, and MORE wrinkles & dryness. 

Too many skincare products is usually the culprit to why you're being hit with MORE skin problems, more acne, and MORE wrinkles & dryness. 

UNTIL NOW,  finding a dual acne & anti-aging product that actually works didn't exist! 

This Breakthrough Skincare product is landing in thousands of homes with customers coming back again & again! 

The 1 Step Oxygen Facial Mask is a 100% Professional Oxygen Facial in a bottle. Professional estheticians recommend their clients use this at home facial once a weeek to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce frequent breakouts & maintain the youthful appearance of the skin 10x's better than with anti-aging serums & creams alone! 

Discover the BEST KEPT beauty secret that is the perfect anti-acne and anti-aging SOLUTION that can and SHOULD be used YEAR ROUND! So when you need to take breaks from using your Retinols, Tretnoin, Benzoyl Peroxide, or other anti-acne & anti-aging acids, the Oxygen Rescue will be there to maintain your clear & youthful skin with ingredients that are sun safe, travel friendly, and special occassion ready. 

The Oxygen Rescue facial is like a breath of fresh air for your skin


Instant Results

Removes toxins that causes facial puffiness, skin darkening, & premature aging. Skin looks instantly firmer, brighter, smoother & younger. Acne causing bacteria cannot thrive in a well oxygenated environment, so you will see less breakouts & have lasting clearer skin. 


All Natural 

Unlike other oxygen skincare on the market, the Oxygen Rescue mask does NOT contain peroxide, fragrance, dyes, parabens, or hormonal interrupting ingredients! We say NO to peroxide because it will dry out the skin making it not suitable for year round use. 


Proven Benefits

Professional oxygen facials are all the rage especially amongst celebrities. It is proven that weekly oxygen facials prevents frequent acne breakouts and keeps the skin looking more radiant & youthful for longer. Oxygen is necessary for healing, restoring, & repairing the skin.

100% professional ingredients

Botanical with Science
activated Oxygen O2 Vitamin C, Ginseng, Seabuckthorn oil, Essential oils, Aloe, Chamomile, Pumpkin & High Performing Anti-Aging Peptides.

No Peroxide & No Hormonal Interrupting Ingredients

Reduces facial puffiness & inflammation. Boosts the blood flow in the face to product collagen which results in healthier and more energized appearance.


Soothes, calms and keeps moisture locked into the skin.


The super powerhouse of anti-aging technology ingredients that mimicks BOTOX to help relax expression muscles, smooth deeper lines & wrinkles and repair aging skin damage.


These are non-toxic and well blended essential oils that are gentle enough to use on the skin (face & body). They provide mental clarity, calming of the senses, & some vitamin nutrients.

Essential Oils

Don't Wait Another Moment! 

It's no secret that we need oxygen to live, but the skincare industry has kept the benefits of oxygen in achieving clear, healthy & youthful skin a secret only privy to superstars & celebrities. Until now....

Skin Haven RX has formulated the ONLY oxygen facial in a bottle mask with professional results guaranteed!

Professional in spa oxygen facials cost $150-$250 & are every bit worth the price tag, if you can afford it. Ouch! But most of us can only treat ourselves to this kind of luxury once in a blue moon. Until now!..... Our Oxygen Rescue mask is the ONLY at home oxygen product that delivers 100% professional results with each use. Resulting in instantly brighter, smoother, healthier, & more radiant skin that only gets better & better with weekly use. 

Our Oxygen mask is formulated without peroxide, bleaching or oxidation ingredients, so you will have the most hydrated skin without any irritations or hair bleaching. Our high performing anti-aging ingredients allow you to be able to anti-age all year long without any harsh side effects common in most popular anti-aging regimens. 99.7% of our customers not only LOVE our Oxygen Rescue mask, but they keep coming back for more. 


Ready for The Best Skin You've Ever Had?

This Oxygen facial really made my skin a ton better! Wish I found this sooner. I don't even travel without it because it keeps me looking fresh and it makes my makeup look better and last longer. 

Even the Experts Admit...Oxygen Facials are a Game Changer!

" Oxygen facials are my go to for my clients because most of my clientele has dealt with adult acne but also wants to tackle and combat the signs of aging. Years ago I would keep my clients on a heavy acne home care regimen because like most of us, we get laser focused on acne. We would rather have clear skin as quickly as possible because its a sore spot for our confidence. But I came to realize that there needed to be a balance because overuse of acne skincare was aging the skin. Then I discovered Oxygen facials and never looked back! My clients were getting clearer skin faster and the results were long lasting." 

Regina Honey Hilton

Licensed Esthetician & Acne Specialist

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Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask SkinHavenRXOxygen Rescue Facial Mask SkinHavenRX
Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask Sale price$54.00
Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask SkinHavenRXOxygen Rescue Facial Mask SkinHavenRX
Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask Sale price$54.00
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Oxygen Rescue Mask


Oxygen Rescue mask

Instantly Brightened

Oxygen Rescue mask

Pore Purified, Decongested

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1.5k reviews from our customers

"The vitamin k & oxygen really helped to clear my skin from acne and redness. The price is good too."

Jason L -Seattle, WA

"I love these products. The oxygen facial feels so good with the bubbles and I know my skin is being detoxed by the change in smell every time I use it."

Lori Y-Charlotte, NC

"The oxygen mask is life! My skin looks so smooth and glowy that I get compliments from my friends who think I've been going to get facials."

Tanya L-Los Angeles, CA

"I give the oxygen 5 stars. I'm never going to not have oxygen in my skincare. This little bottle goes a long way so you get more than your moneys worth which really helps"

GiGi M-Kansas City, Mo

"Who knew that I could stop my hormonal breakouts from flaring up so much just by adding oxygen! Coulda saved me so much money and time!"

Tori F-Franklin, NJ


#1 in Innovative Skincare

15,68k times sold

The Oxygen Rescue Mask is PERFECT for...


Blemished Skins

Dull Lackluster Skin

Mature Skins