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Weekly oxygen facials rapidly reduces acne breakouts, making the skin Brighter, Healthier & more youthful. 
                       Over 30 facials per bottle.

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The best benefits

Who is the Oxygen Rescue facial for?

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Oxygen kills the acne bacteria without drying out the skin or causing skin sensitivity.  Oxygen is better against acne than the common acne ingredients because it keeps the skin hydrated, prevents water loss & scarring while also drastically reducing breakouts. 

Oxygen is the most vital action needed to retain youthful, toned and smooth skin. Pairing our Oxygen Rescue facial with your anti-aging regimen will make your other skincare work 5x's BETTER giving you lasting radiant & young looking skin.

Environmental Protection
Oxygen rids the skin of toxins that causes skin darkening, uneven tone, facial puffiness, & premature signs of aging. Also, the acne bacteria cannot thrive in skin that is well oxygenated. 

Why our Oxygen Rescue Facial mask?

Rapidly heals acne

The O2 activated oxygen gets rid of acne bacteria & drastically reduces frequent breakouts in order to achieve lasting healthy & clear skin.

Super Hydrates the skin

Hydration is needed to reduce oily skin, eliminate irritation from acne skincare ingredients, heal the skin quickly, and to promote lasting healthier & more youthful skin.

Keeps the skin youthful & radiant

The Oxygen Rescue facial is loaded with high performing, gentle YET effective anti-aging peptides & hydra-brightening complex that makes the skin look Radiant & youthful after each use.

Removes Toxins

Get rid of toxins that causes early signs of aging, skin darkening, dullness and loss of elasticity in the skin.

Selling fast

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Our testimonials


Just what I think my skin needed! I used this facial right away when I got it. I also got a sample of the exfoliating cleanser with it, I'm glad I did. My skin felt immediately softer and looked vibrant!


Sonya Richards

Our customer

I love it

I definitely love this acne facial with the oxygen little bubbles that feels so good to my pores. You can feel it working! My skin looks better and better every time I use it. LOVE


Jordan Corlie

Our customer


Try it! My skin stopped breaking out. I hope it stays this way because I give myself this facial a lot just to make sure my skin stays clear. It's not harsh and my skin doesn't feel irritated with this acne product.


Dianne Russell

Our customer

   The RESULTS!    

Dianne Russell

Dianne Russell

Founder & CEO

Eleanor Pena

Eleanor Pena


Theresa Webb

Theresa Webb


Bessie Cooper

Bessie Cooper

Creative Director

Just 1 Step
to clearer skin!

Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
Clear skin acne facial. At home acne facial one step.
At home acne facial
Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
Clear skin acne facial. At home acne facial one step.
Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask
At home acne facial

Acne Facial in a bottle - Oxygen Rescue Mask

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  • Get clearer skin with lasting results
  • Remove bacteria that causes acne
  • Removes toxins that causes skin darkening, uneven tone & premature aging
  • Reduces facial puffiness
  • Brightens, hydrates, & restores skin to a radiant & youthful state
  • Results gets better with every facial 
  • Over 30 facials per bottle 
  • Gel to effervescent activated 02 bubbling action purifies skin & pores


  1. How long for shipping?
    We offer expedited shipping options at checkout. Prices calculated automatically. Free shipping within the U.S ships within 7 days after placing order with 3-5 day delivery on business days.
  2. How to use the facial?
    For best results, cleanse & exfoliate the skin before applying the facial. Apply a nickel size amount of the oxygen facial gel onto slightly damp skin and work into the skin until effervescent bubbles form. Massage for 45 seconds and leave bubbles on until they disappear. Rinse & follow with your favorite serum (optional) & moisturizer. 

    Use 1-2 times per week to achieve clearer, healthier, & more youthful skin.
  3. Is it made naturally?
    Yes. This oxygen facial has ZERO parabens, fragrances, parfum, or dyes. Made in small batches to protect the products quality. Full ingredients listed at www.skinhavenrx.com
  4. Do you ship Internationally?
    Yes. Our store offers international shipping. You can check your region for shipping at the checkout page by entering your region, address, etc to see if your country is allowed to receive USPS postal in your country.

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