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Is your acne regimen making your skin worse?

Well you are not alone! 83% of acne sufferers say that their skin gets amazingly clear when they begin a new acne skincare or take some new acne medications, but those results only lasts for about 3-4 months before they notice that their skin is in worse shape than where they started.

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Add oxygen facials
to your acne regimen!

It is a FACT! Bacteria cannot thrive in a well oxygenated environment. This definitely includes the all acne  bacteria. So why aren't more people adding oxygen to their acne regimen? Great question! Our best guess is.... because they need you to keep buying acne products & using acne medications forever.

 Oxygen is 100% necessary to achieve lasting healthy, clear, & youthful skin. 

 Adding our specially formulated Oxygen Rescue facial mask to your acne regimen, you will see lasting clear skin and clearer skin FASTER than using acne only products.


  • Removes toxins that causes skin discoloration, skin darkening & uneven skin tone

  • Eliminates skin odor

  • Keeps the skin hydrated which is most important for acne skins!

  • Gets rid of facial puffiness

  • Brightens dull skin instantly

  • Quickly Reduce inflammation & skin sensitivity

  • Significantly reduces premature signs of aging caused by acne, heavy makeup, & environmental aggressors


Heal before & while you treat your acne

Specially formulated  ultra Vitamin K serum for acne

  • Heals acne breakouts 5x's FASTER

  • Gets rid of facial redness, cysts, acne swelling & inflammation quickly

  • Prevents acne scarring

  • Reduces excessive oiliness

  • Eliminates acne skincare/medication side effects

  • Quickly Reduce inflammation & skin sensitivity

  • ZERO harsh side effects! Only lasting results!


“Oxygen will always be part of my skincare from this day forward.”

My skin has been pretty flawless since I learned how important Oxygen is to my skincare routine. It makes so much sense!

My skin has been pretty flawless since I learned how important Oxygen is to my skincare routine. It makes so much sense! 

Nikki T, Manhattan, NY

Beauty Blogger


What's the hype about?

Benefit one

Add to your current acne or anti-aging regimen to help your products perform better. Also, reduce the side effects from harsh ingredients such as Retinol, glycolic, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone, tretnoin......

Benefit two

Safely detox your skin to instantly reduce fatigue, puffiness and skin dullness. Instantly reduces skin irritation & gets rid of bacteria on the skin. 

Benefit three

Prevent water loss that causes skin discomfort & irritation, redness, dry skin & flakiness, and oily skin.

Benefit four

Achieve lasting clear, healthy & more youthful skin. See results in just DAYS! 
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Detail of product

Oxygen Rescue Mask - Skin Haven RX - Vitamin K for redness
Oxygen Facials for acne prone aging skin - Skin Haven RX
Facial Redness Serum with Vitamin K - Skin Haven RX - Oxygen Rescue Mask
At Home Oxygen Facial - Oxygen Rescue by Skin Haven RX
The Perfect Skincare DUO Bundle
The Perfect Skincare DUO Bundle
The Perfect Skincare DUO Bundle
The Perfect Skincare DUO Bundle
The Perfect Skincare DUO Bundle
Skincare Booster Bundle- Oxygen Facial Mask + Vitamin K for Redness- SkinHavenRX

The Perfect Skincare DUO Bundle

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Your acne-prone aging skin deserves the royal treatment. This duo...

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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. Is this for ethnic skins?

    YES! All skin will benefit from the use of Oxygen & our specially formulated vitamin k.
  2. 2. Can this get rid of my acne by itself?

    Yes. Most customers discontinued using their acne skincare and still saw clear skin results very quickly with lasting results. 
  3. 3. How do I use these products with my acne or anti-aging regimen?

    We have full regimens for acne & anti-aging listed on our Instagram @skinhavenrx. Or subscribe to our email and we will send you your own personalized regimen including the products you already own.
  4. 4. How soon will I see results?

    87% of our customers say they notice immediate results after using the oxygen rescue facial mask. Our vitamin serums users saw over 53% less redness & irritation after just one bottle. 

Clear Skin Regimen

How to use


Step one

Cleanse the skin & Exfoliate (recommended twice weekly). Follow with Oxygen Rescue mask (use 1-2 times weekly).


Step two

Squeeze pea size amount of Oxygen Rescue facial mask onto fingertips and apply in circular motions on slightly damp skin. Allow effervescent bubbles to form. Once bubbles disappear, rinse skin.


Step three

Apply a pump of Vitamin K serum all over skin (or just on redness). Follow with moisturizer (SPF during daytime). 

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What our customers say?

I love both the oxygen mask and the vitamin serum. My skin has never been so clear and the products didn't irritate my skin.

Alicia Howard

Los Angeles, Ca

I'm seeing really good results and my friends complimented me on how clear my skin looks. I love the oxygen bubbles:-) my favorite part.

Devon Lane

Chicago, IL

I struggled with some big painful breakouts & have tried everything for many years. My skin cleared up fast & has been mostly clear after 7 months of using the oxygen & vitamin k.

Sara Mason

Katy, TX

I will be keeping oxygen & vitamin k in my skincare line up. My skin is definitely so much smoother and clearer and less irritated from me having to wear a lot of makeup for theater work.

Tylen June

Belleville, IL

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