Skin Haven RX is a skincare company that focuses on skin healing. Our mission is to bring awareness to the importance of oxygen & vitamin skincare  for acne & premature aging skins.

Facial redness, dullness, & sensitive skin are the most Googled topics, which means that something is truly missing in the world of skincare. Why are the majority of people on the hunt to fix these 3 main skin issues? Well here's why.......

because most acne & anti-aging regimens are hyper-focused on ingredients that are high & intense actives that, with consistent use, will eventually cause those 3 issues; facial redness, dullness, & sensitive skin.

In our booming skin clinic, one of our most sought out skin treatments is not BOTOX, or the vampire's our OXYGEN FACIAL! Why?.... Oxygen instantly restores & rejuvenates irritated, lackluster, dull skin leaving it immediately healthier looking, more plumped, hydrated, glowy & radiant. So, we wanted our clients to be able to include oxygen facials into their at home routine, but there was no vendor or brand that we could find that gave the results we wanted our clients to have. We wanted them to look like they just left our spa....but this seemed too much to ask. 

3 years later we unveiled our NEW Formula, our Oxygen Rescue facial mask and 3 more years later, we realized that 100% of our clients were seeing more lasting clear & healthier skin results. We also did not have any clients to return the product...."yaaayyy"... By that time, we were already working alongside a dermatologist because we really wanted to tackle facial redness and wanted it to be an at home gentle yet very effective treatment similar to our vitamin skin infusions we offered in our spa clinic. This became our ultra formula Vitamin K for acne & redness:-).... the RESULTS from over 250 of our case study clients yielded an astounding 98.98% of results showing over 20% redness reduction within just 1 week & 53% reduction after only 1 bottle of our Vitamin K serum.

Our Vitamin K is the ONLY fast acting + gentle serum formulated specifically for redness & acne on the market

Our Oxygen Rescue mask is the ONLY formula oxygen skincare with 100% professional results guaranteed. + NO Peroxide & No bleaching ingredients!

We now call our two innovative skincare products our Clear Skin Duo;

Oxygen Rescue Mask & ultra Vitamin K for acne & redness serum

Our products are innovative, high performing, of the highest quality, affordable & designed to deliver a lifetime of healthy, clear & youthful skin. 


We also wanted to offer a guarantee because we know that so many people try so many skincare products and end up with disappointing results and because we 100% Believe in our products, if you're not satisfied, we offer a money back guarantee. 

So, we hope to keep our clear skin community happy with healthy skin for a lifetime because we at Skin Haven RX have no plans to stop healing and resolving skin issues no time soon:-) XOXO