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Money back Guarantee

We want to make sure all of our customers are pleased with our products.

If you are not happy, we offer Money Back Guarantee. 

Contact us by email:

Product must not be more than 5% used (most of our skincare products lasts 3-5 months). 

  1. If you have changed your mind and would like to return a product you may do so with a 35% restocking fee assessed.
  2. Provide date & time stamped photos that show how our product did not accomplish what we stated it would help your skin achieve.
  3. If you experience skin irritation due to being allergic to any ingredients, discontinue use immediately and contact us for a refund or exchange. Allergic reactions typically occur within the first 24 hours if you are allergic to ingredients. You should contact us with any refund requests no later than 10 days of item delivered. We understand that not everyone will have the same allergies, but we understand that some people can be allergic to anything and our formula may not be suitable for 1% of the population.
  4. We do not offer refunds, exchanges, or credit on fully used products. Products that are used in excess of 1/3 will be offered store credit only. 
  5. Our skincare devices all have a 1 year warranty for any defective issues not caused by personal damaging to the device. Item will be replaced.