Vitamin K formulated for Acne, Facial Redness, Rosacea

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What's all the hype about?

A solution for facial redness

Think you can't get rid of facial redness? You're in for a Pleasant Surprise!

Thousands of customers have reported Over 53% facial redness reduction after just one bottle. 


Our Vitamin K serum will eliminate and help you avoid facial redness, sensitivity, dryness & skin discomfort caused by: 

  • Acne breakouts
  • Acne skincare ingredients 
  • Acne medications; Accutane, Tretnoin, Retinols, etc
  • Rosacea flareups


    You will achieve :

  • clearer skin faster
  • reduced acne inflammation within minutes
  • less redness in just days!
  • reduced skin sensitivity 
  • avoid side effects from acne medications & other harsh ingredients
  • reduced acne scars (smoothes old scars & prevents new ones)

We take great responsibility in our product & research and guarantee that

despite other facial redness skincare you may have come across, you can be assured that our Vitamin K formula works or your Money Back! 



This is the ONLY Vitamin K product that is dermatologist formulated specifically to reduce facial redness. It is gentle YET effective with proven &  INCREDIBLE results in just 3 weeks! 


How to Use:

After cleansing & toning (toning optional) Apply a full pump of the Vitamin K serum on affected areas 

Follow with a hydrating moisturizer & SPF (SPF during daytime)
We recommend using the Vitamin K twice daily 


How to use with other acne or anti-aging skincare:

Apply your acne medications or skincare first and then apply the Vitamin K serum on top. Seal in with a moisturizer. Follow the same order for anti-aging skincare. 




Vitamin K: Important for healing and healthy blood capillary formation.

Lecithin: Water binding agent derived from plant cells.

Glycerin:  This emollient helps the skin maximize moisture by absorbing moisture from the air and attracting water to the skin.

Full ingredient list: Water, Squalene, Polysorbate-20, Phytonadione (20g Vitamin K), Glycerin (moisture-binding), Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Lecithin, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide (ph balancer), Methylisothiazolinone, Yellow 5, Yellow 6.
Within 10 days from today you could be seeing better skin with less redness. You've now discovered the best facial redness skincare that is affordable and that works quickly. Get yours Today.



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Elena (St Louis, US)
It shockingly works.

I got this vitamin k to see if it would help calm down my breakouts especially the ones that are cystic. I always get them really badly during my monthly so I know the painful inflamed acne is hormonal. This seemed to work immediately. The bumps weren’t as painful almost immediately. Then the redness was gone in just a couple of days. Usually I am left with scars after I treat the acne, but I’m seeing that my old scars are starting to disappear. I am glad I found this vitamin k.

Reba Coutermarsh (Fairbanks, US)
Simply smooth

I love the way it makes my skin feel

Dariean Autumn (Bristol, US)

Good stuff

Ashley Reedy (College Park, US)
great product

This product is very good for the skin and helps get rid of facial redness. This product has vitamin k in it so it is very healthy. I definitely recommend this product for people who get facial redness and want to get rid of it.

TeeTee44 (Central Islip, US)
My New Fav!!!

Loving this product!!!

Vitamin K formulated for Acne, Facial Redness, Rosacea

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