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Article: Why You Should Give Yourself an At Home Facial

Why You Should Give Yourself an At Home Facial

Why You Should Give Yourself an At-Home Facial

 What Do Oxygen Facials Do?

In a perfect world, a trip to the spa would come standard with every lunch break. You would bow out of the office for an hour or two of stress-free relaxation, pampering yourself with manicures, massages, and rejuvenating facials before returning to your daily life. Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world. Spa trips are gloriously refreshing, but most people find them too expensive to justify as more than a once-in-a-while treat.


Nothing can truly replicate the spa experience, but when it comes to facials, there is a solution. We at Skin Haven RX believe you shouldn’t have to compromise the health of your skin just because you can’t afford weekly or monthly trips to the spa. We believe you deserve to enjoy spa-quality facials from the comfort of your own home.


The beauty of simplicity


When you apply your own facial, simplicity is key. Nobody wants to complete a nine-step skincare routine after a full day of working, when nothing sounds better than some light reading before dozing off. Our all-in-one formula does everything elaborate facial routines do in an easy, one-step process.

 at home facials

Our secret ingredient is so simple it might make you laugh. It’s oxygen. The substance you breathe is the very same substance which provides the key to achieving clear, healthy, and youthful skin. By giving yourself a healthy dose of oxygen once a week or month, you can experience the benefits of letting your skin breathe freely. There are more benefits than you might think, including acne prevention and resistance to signs of aging.


Prevent and heal acne

 oxygen skincare to prevent and treat acne

Some people assume only teenagers get acne, which makes breakouts as an adult all the more embarrassing. The truth is that adult acne is extremely common, especially among women. If you lead an active lifestyle and sweat frequently, or you’re on medication that impacts your hormones, there’s a good chance you’ll face breakouts no matter your age. Facial acne is not only uncomfortable, it can affect health-related quality of life, especially mental health.


An at-home facial is the perfect tool for both combatting and preventing acne. Our all-in-one formula clears away bacteria, sweat, and grime that lead to breakouts. Activated oxygen in our facials kills acne-causing bacteria without drying out your skin or causing sensitivities related to harsher products.

 Get Clear and Youthful Skin Quickly with Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask

Many of our competitors’ acne-fighting products contain peroxide, a substance which both dries out skin and bleaches your hairline and eyebrows. It can be effective in fighting acne, but at the cost of causing a host of other problem. After all, anyone who cares about their skin knows that keeping moisturized is an important part of overall skin-related health.


For obvious reasons, professional oxygen facials don’t contain peroxide. In keeping with our promise to provide a professional experience at home, we don’t use this harmful substance. It makes all the difference in keeping your skin as healthy as possible.


The fight doesn’t stop when acne disappears. Once your skin is healthy, clear, and moisturized, our facial formula will help keep it that way. If you continue to use it periodically, it will keep your skin ultra-hydrated and bacteria-free, deterring the development of future pimples. If you’ve tried every other acne-fighting product under the sun with no results, we promise you’ll finally get the clear skin you’ve always dreamed of.

 at home professional oxygen facial skincare for acne and anti-aging. Peptides & oxygen complex

Reduce signs of aging


If acne feels like an unfortunate remnant of your teenage years, wrinkles probably feel like the pre-mature coming of old age. Thankfully, our facial formula combats both. Skin Haven RX’s oxygen facial reduces toxins that cause skin darkening, wrinkles, and puffiness. Oxygen is a major tool in this fight, but high-performing, gentle peptides and a hydra-brightening complex also help to shave years off your complexion.


People all over the world swear by the nine-step Korean Beauty anti-aging regiment, but why bother with nine steps when you can do it all in one? The simple application of our facial formula makes using it an easy habit to maintain. You’ll be far more likely to keep up with your skin care routine when it’s this simple. With a little consistency, you can clear out the lingering toxins from your skin and achieve celebrity-level smoothness and beauty for years to come.


Use daily or weekly

How to use the Oxygen Rescue facial


Our miracle formula is so gentle that you can use it daily. In addition to there being no peroxide, it’s also free of parabens, fragrances, parfum, and dyes, so there’s no need to worry about overloading your skin with unpleasant or toxic substances. This flexibility allows you to use it as often as you need, balancing it with luxurious visits to a professional spa.


Maintain results between visits

 how to maintain clear and youthful skin with at home oxygen facials

We would never tell you to stop going to the spa completely. After all, we didn’t get into the health and beauty business because we hate getting professional facials. We just know how impractical they are as a skincare regiment. You’ll probably still want to go to the spa from time to time, but in between visits, we want you to be able to maintain professional-level results. Our formula will allow you to do just that.


How it works


Giving yourself an at-home facial is even easier than it sounds. Before you treat yourself, wash and exfoliate your skin for best results. Next, squeeze out a nickel-sized dollop of our oxygen facial gel and massage it into your slightly-damp skin. Bubbles will soon appear as our formula begins to take effect. Continue to massage it into your skin for another 45 seconds, then lay back and relax while our product does the rest. Once the bubbles disappear, you can rinse, reapply your moisturizer, and revel in your radiant, refreshed skin.


There’s no need to empty your bank account trying to achieve healthy skin at the spa. Don’t bother with peroxide-based facials that will leave your skin dry and irritated. Grab a bottle of Skin Haven RX’s Oxygen Rescue Miracle Facial and get the skin you want and deserve today.

 Get younger looking skin with weekly oxygen facials. The at home oxygen facial in a bottle, the Oxygen Rescue facial mask by Skin Haven RX brightens, smoothes, plumps, and rejuvenates tired lifeless skin. See results instantly.




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