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Article: The Skin-Enhancing Benefits Of Vitamin K For Acne & Redness

The Skin-Enhancing Benefits Of Vitamin K For Acne & Redness

 Even if you are only now starting your journey towards embracing your natural beauty or you've been celebrating each and every part of that change over time for years, having a daily skincare routine is essential. And your go-to beauty products can temporarily make your skin look glowy and dewy, at SkinHavenRX, we are definitely more interested in the long-term solutions that help get rid of facial redness for good!


By now, you've probably found yourself swiping and slathering on a slew of different acne-fighting formulas, wondering if you will ever find that one stellar ingredient that will make your acne-prone skin regain its former glory. While your go-to moisturizers, serums, and toners might promise to deliver baby-soft skin, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the ingredients.



Vitamin K benefits for skin


Sure, everyone is raving about the fantastic benefits of every vitamin from A to E, however, There’s another, considerably less known complexion-boosting ingredient that deserves a place in your skincare arsenal. Enter: Vitamin K.


Vitamin K is known for being an excellent way to expedite the skin's healing process after surgery. This ingredient allows wounds and cuts to heal surprisingly faster than usual, hence, it's a powerful ally to your acne scar healing battle.


According to the National Library of Medicines' latest study on vitamin K, this stellar ingredient is proven to speed up the natural heal and repair process of damaged skin while other researches have shown that it can boost the healing process of bruises. 



Best Vitamin K Cream for facial redness and acne scarring

Vitamin K skincare for facial redness & acne redness


SkinHavenRX Vitamin K Cream boasts vitamin K along with Lecithin and Glycerin. Why is this a fantastic combination? we hear you asking. Lecithin soothes and moisturizes irritated skin as well as makes the skin feel softer and more glowy by restoring hydration.  It's a water binding agent derived from plant cells that have proven to help heal acne and eczema fast, especially for dry, or overworked skin.


Glycerin is yet another hydrating ingredient on the block. It works wonders on every type of skin as it retains moisture and increases hydration. Glycerin offers a plethora of benefits including dryness relief as well as skin refresh. Due to it being an emollient, it has the ability to soften your skin even if eczema or psoriasis has left you with dry patches.


At Skinhavenrx, we offer the ONLY Vitamin K formula available on the market that is formulated by dermatologists. You can kiss your facial redness goodbye in just 3 weeks.


The Clear Skin Duo bundle 


Sure, Vitamin K can do all the hard work on its own, however, true skincare-savvy folks know that a combination of multiple effective formulas can deliver quicker and more permanent results. Oxygen helps stimulate collagen production which results in a more plump and firm look. When your skin doesn't have enough oxygen due to clogged pores, aging, or even environmental pollution, it's clearly visible in your complexion. Now, imagine the results if you combine the glow-boosting benefits of the Oxygen Rescue mask with our skin-enhancing Vitamin K cream.



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