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Article: Let's Talk facial brushes

Let's Talk facial brushes

We all want that deep pore, dirt removing squeaky clean skin when we have acne....but firstly let's understand that acne is NOT a hygiene issue. 

Many over cleanse and get super aggressive to their fragile and wounded acne skin, including using very harsh mechanical skin tools to clean the acne away! 

Active acne skins is a skin in TRAUMA! & is also breeding with bacteria. Using those facial brushes (ALL of them!) evenly distributes that bacteria all over the skin and you begin to notice that your chin acne has now become cheek & forehead acne. You also notice more redness in & around your acne due to the brush bristles digging too deeply into the pores and "swishing" fluids around and underneath the skin causing swelling (inflammation). 

The BEST way to keep your pores clear as well as polish your skin is using our Ultimate Skin Scrubber device. It uses water at a very high spray to penetrate each pore and power wash your skin & pores. Removing dirt, debris, oil, blackheads & whiteheads, & dead skin cells. Your skin is left  feeling super clean & Hydrated!

So, let's Ditch the facial brushes until we get clear skin....

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