Exfoliation is the key to better skin hydration!

How can exfoliating help your skin become more hydrated you ask? 

Well, here's a quick mental image that will help to understand what your skin is doing when it's in need of exfoliation and hydration..... Not exfoliating is like walking around with a halloween mask on that you're constantly applying skincare products on top of that mask hoping that the products will somehow penetrate your skin. 

The key benefits of exfoliating.

Another question that’s asked a lot is how often should you exfoliate?
🔸Thicker skins 3-4x’s weekly
🔸Thinner (more sensitive skins) 1-2x’s weekly

We also hear many saying that they prefer NOT to exfoliate because they’ve had a bad experience in the past and it makes their skin raw.

There’s a few options you have to exfoliating for even the most sensitive skins:
1. Mechanical; using a towel, facial brush, skin sonic scrubber
2. Chemical; contains no grit and usually has AHA’s, glycolic
3. & your buffing exfoliates with gritty textured ingredients such as sugar, beads, walnuts (not recommended), and other finely ground particles.

Exfoliating helps your other products to penetrate the skin so they can perform better.

Our Renewal Smoothing exfoliating cleanser was formulated with all skin types in mind. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skins and active enough for the thickest skins.
💫The Renewal Smoothing exfoliating cleanser has AHA Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic acid with jojoba beads, vitamin c, grapefruit.
It brightens the skin, gets rid of
blemishes and darks spots, smoothes scars and leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and SMOOTH. It also smells super yummy 😊. You can purchase here. Samples also available for purchase. 

Hop this helps you to understand how to get better skin that is more hydrated, smooth and youthful.

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