How Oxygen Facials Help With Acne

How Oxygen Facials Help With Acne

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How Oxygen Facials Help With Acne: Celebrities’ Well-Kept Beauty Secret Revealed


The entire beauty sphere has been raving about the benefits of oxygen facials for acne —and for a pretty good reason. Professional oxygen facial products are a breath of fresh air for your complexion; an acne breakthrough used by celebrities and non-celebs alike to brighten, plump and treat the skin as well as prevent breakouts.

Victoria Beckham described her strict wellness and beauty regime as “Working out seven days a week, oxygen facials and a 'very healthy' diet.” The oxygen facial benefits have numerous other red-carpet-goers such as Ashley Graham, Fergie, Katy Perry, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, and Justin Timberlake quite literally bubbling as well.

So, what are the most well-known oxygen facial benefits? Can oxygen facial masks at home deliver the same stellar results as the spa versions? We rounded up everything you need to know about this acne breakthrough below.

Does oxygen facials help with acne

What are oxygen facial masks?

Oxygen facial masks are a gentle yet highly effective approach at clearing out breakouts, leaving the complexion looking radiant, luminous, and significantly more plumped. 

Consider them as the ultimate hydration therapy that offers instant results due to the special oxygenation process. Oxygen facial masks deliver encapsulated oxygen directly into the skin in order to push a combination of well-known skincare superheroes (vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients)  further into the skin.

Even if you follow a strictly healthy lifestyle, chances are that your complexion still lacks oxygen due to clogged pores, aging, and air pollution.

Oxygen increases cell metabolism, which results in faster dead cell shedding. This massive boost in blood circulation stimulates collagen production which means the skin can regenerate itself much faster.  

oxygen facials for acne

An Acne breakthrough: Oxygen facial mask at home

Regina Honey, Licensed Esthetician Hilton in Saint Louis Missouri, and owner of Skin Haven RX has introduced the new, best hormonal acne skincare of professional oxygen facial products. 

“Having treated over 3k acne clients in my acne skin clinic since 2014,  I discovered that when I introduced my clients to consistent oxygen facial treatments, they achieved clearer skin faster and saw a huge improvement in the overall health & youthfulness of their skin.” she mentions. 

The reality is that not everyone can have weekly access to a  machine that sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin.  For Regina Honey, it was a no-brainer to somehow add oxygen to her clients’ home care regimen. That was when she set her mind to develop & formulate the perfect at-home oxygen facial to reap all the oxygen benefits for acne skin. 

Oxygen Rescue mask: acne-prone aging skin solution


 The best-selling Oxygen Rescue mask, formulated in 2016, is the first of its kind professional at-home oxygen facial in a bottle. Rich in O2 activated oxygen, this acne breakthrough carries an effervescent bubbling action that fills the skin with incredible nutrients and a slew of high-performing anti-aging peptides.  

The formula carries a slew of all-natural ingredients that deliver the same results as a professional oxygen facial.  While Most oxygen skincare in the market contains peroxide that can dry out and irritate the skin (not to mention the potential discoloring the hairline and brows) Regina has been very selective with her ingredients.

 The Oxygen Rescue mask is free from chemicals such as peroxide or any other hormonal interrupting ingredients such as paraben, dyes, and plastics. So, you can basically get up to 30 facials per bottle that will feel and smell absolutely refreshing. 

 Oxygen Rescue mask by Skin Haven RX

An at-home oxygen facial mask that won’t clash with your skincare lineup

“Skin Haven RX was launched in 2021 to introduce the same skincare products that our 3k+ clients have loved and have seen amazing results to the world!” Regina Honey added. The acne skincare and anti-aging hybrid Oxygen Rescue mask was developed to seamlessly fit into our currency lineup without needing to part with our trusted skincare products.

On the contrary, for everyone with acne-prone aging skin, this hormonal acne skincare will enhance the performance of other skincare and will deliver clearer, healthier, and more youthful skin faster. 


 If you are still wondering what professional oxygen facial products can do for you, here are the top oxygen facial benefits for acne skin.

 oxygen facial benefits for acne skin

To quote the celebs “Oxygen facials give that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance.” Katy Perry mentioned. For Eva Longoria “The treatments are a necessity before every major event.”

Oxygen facials for better makeup application

From red carpet events to on-stage performances, oxygen facials are a foolproof way of warding off acne and preventing a breakout during that special occasion. Plus, they deliver that instant radiance that works wonders on achieving a flawless makeup application.  

Oxygen facials can calm acne breakouts

According to numerous studies, Oxygen is known to accelerate wound healing while also killing bacteria found on (or in) our skin.  That’s why when you find ourselves in places with low levels of oxygen (eg. airplanes) we might notice some skin issues. That’s why oxygen facials can help calm acne and kill Propionibacterium acnes .

skin haven rx reviews

Oxygen facials for a more even skin tone

Here is yet another reason to choose oxygen facials for acne and breakouts: a more even skin tone. Due to the slew of vitamins they deliver straight into the skin, these treatments promote scar healing and hyperpigmentation control which can result in bright, glowing skin.

 Oxygen facials for wrinkles and fine lines

As we mentioned, oxygen fights free radicals in the skin which are responsible for aging. When the production of collagen gets triggered, it works as a firming and skin tightening natural agent. Collagen is known for reducing wrinkles, fine lines as well as age spots. The result? A youthful, plump, and glowy appearance. oxygen skincare without peroxide

Explore the benefits of oxygen facials at home

Regina Honey points out that “ Like most of the acne skin care industry, the approach to acne is far too aggressive, with the harsh ingredients and medications that only worsen acne & causes other skin issues such as premature aging.” That’s where some of the key ingredients in Oxygen Rescue mask really shine. The formula is packed with  Vitamin C, Aloe, Chamomile, Ginseng, and Peptides.

 By providing the necessary strength and elasticity while also treating acne and breakouts, the best hormonal acne skincare manages to blend anti-aging and effective acne treatment in one bubbly oxygen facial. 




The formula is jam-packed with all-natural ingredients and delivers the same results as a professional oxygen facial. Most oxygen skincare in the market contains peroxide that can dry out and irritate the skin while also discoloring the hairline and brows. The Oxygen Rescue mask, on the other hand, is free from chemicals such as peroxide or any other hormonal interrupting ingredients such as paraben, dyes, and plastics.

The pleasantly tingling bubbles penetrate pores to infuse the skin with all the much-needed nutrients. Plus, the formula feels and smells surprisingly refreshing. Did we mention that you can get up to 30 facials per bottle? 

Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask

Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask


THE AT HOME OXYGEN FACIAL IN A BOTTLE  ADULT ACNE + ANTI-AGING   SkinHavenRX’s best-selling hormonal acne skincare is the first-of-its-kind professional natural oxygen facial at home. The Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask delivers the right dose of encapsulated oxygen directly… read more

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